Kenneth Eden


I am a (retired ) Church Minister ,based in South West England.

My background is fairly diverse: Prior to entering Ministry, I worked as an advertising executive for the magazine division of Associated Newspapers in Fleet Street, London ,England, in a middle management capacity.

After about 17 years of this,and seeking a less stressful life, my wife and I moved to the countryside and became more active in our Christian faith,eventuating in my seeking and being ordained into the ministry, and eventually pastoring local churches. We continued up to our "retirement" 2 years ago.

I have always loved writing and speaking and the discipline of writing,researching and delivering a 45 minute sermon every week, has led me to seek to continue writing online as a new career.

My wife and I have been students and practitioners of health fitness and nutrition for decades with emphasis on Raw Foods and Jogging (running in 10k /to Marathons) and these are the subjects I like to write upon.

We have both experienced massive health benefits over the years not to mention gained lots of knowledge we'd love to share with your readers.

For more,go to my sites:

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